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If you’re into photography then this is the perfect, simple DIY for you! And by ‘into photography’ I don’t just mean professional photography, but that you have a passion for it and take a lot of photos as you go about daily life, whether it’s with your phone, your point-and-shoot or your big girl camera. At the end of this DIY, you will have used your passion to make a beautiful bunch of cards for any occasion that cost you next to nothing!

Here’s the how-to:

Go through your photos and choose some that would suit a greeting card. I chose ones that were of objects, such as flowers, and ones that had people in it but no faces. Import or upload your photo to any photo-editing software or website and add some text to the photo. I use , but any photo-editing software or website will do the job. Get creative with the text! For example, for this birthday card, I did more than just the simple ‘happy birthday’.



Once you’re happy with the outcome and saved your photo, pop them onto a USB and take them to your favourite printing place (BigW or Office Works if you’re in Australia). Print them, take them home and either glue some decorative card onto the back to write on or measure out some plain card twice the size of the photo, glue and fold.



And there you have it! I think that these cards are fantastic because they’re cheap, have a homemade touch, and are pretty. Go ahead, find those photos sitting on your computer or phone that have no apparent purpose and turn them into beautiful cards to give to your loved ones.

Let us know if you have any questions, or if you tried out the DIY in the comments below!

Kym x

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