Inspire :: Seeking the Talents God has given you


Discovering your talents can be hard. Figuring out what you are good at can be difficult and trying not to compare yourselves to others along the way can be challenging. Part of being sinful human beings is not being thankful for the strengths God has given and constantly wanting to be something or someone we are not. What we all need to realize is that God made us different for a reason. He made us all having different strengths and talents so that together we could work as a team to support each other. Each person is like a different part of the body; we cannot have 4 hands and no feet, just like we cannot have all leaders and no followers, all talkers and no listeners. We all have different talents so that we can work together and complement each other, working together as a communion of saints.

Understanding this means that we cannot become ungrateful for the things we are not good at, instead we need to realize that God has a plan for us and wants us to follow His will for us so that we may serve Him the way He wants us to. It also means we need to develop what we are good at, not becoming lax and lazy but instead using our strength to serve Him. Realizing this means we can be happy and not afraid to be different; some people are good at sport, some people are really creative; others are good at being a comforter and counselor, helping those who are struggling. What we also need to remember is that even if we have a strength in something, we may not be strong in all areas of this. Some who are creative may have a talent in writing, others in sewing, others in drawing and another in photography. Be thankful for what you are talented in and try not to compare yourself to those who are good in other areas. Admire them, but also be content with the strengths you have, for getting down will only cause you to be bitter and resentful and this is not pleasing to God.

So let us all work together to encourage each other to develop and be thankful for the talents we have received, and let us use them to the honour and glory of His name.

Roslyn x

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