Believe :: Psalm Sixty Two

Find Rest

A sermon on Psalm 62 was exactly what I needed to hear last Sunday morning.

With our lives often caught up in worry, stress and busyness we forget to find rest in God alone. We might struggle to be at peace when we are worried about what the next step is in our lives, when we are struggling with sickness, or when our lives become too busy to just stop and think. But we can find this rest if we trust in God alone. To overcome stress and worry and to find true rest we need to pour out our hearts to God in prayer. He wants to hear our fears, our worries, our troubles and our struggles. It doesn’t mean the fears or struggles will go away, it just means we are putting our full trust in God so we have the strength to deal with them. When our hearts are centered on God and when we trust only in Him our souls will be at rest.

Larissa x

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