Social Media Thursday

Every week there will be little snippets of things you need to consider on Social Media. 

Things that you might like to change. 

Mostly we will be concerned about your integrity and reputation on Social Media. That’s our job as fellow Girls of Grace. 

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It’s all in a  N A M E 

How much info have you allowed people to obtain about you on your Facebook, Instagram and Google+ accounts just by the name you have chosen?

Do you really want your full name publicised? If you have an uncommon surname I would be thinking twice as it will not take long for someone to track you down on White

Even if your accounts are private, consider using your second name as your surname as it allows you to stay a little incognito on the web.

On Instagram, even though your profile maybe private, your name is out there for all to see, out there for all to search. Change it. While you are at it, change the little subline that you can create in your profile to something worthy of a Girl of Grace.

Now. Once you have done a few of these things, get mum or dad to check out your profile on their devices. Ask them – does this account show someone that I am a Child of God?

Accept their counsel.

Natasha O x



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