Inspire :: We are still learning


I am a pessimist; I constantly need to fight to be thankful, trusting and happy. I am also a sinner; constantly making mistakes, falling down on the job and being negative towards the life God has given. But I am also a child of God; asking for His forgiveness, His strength and His comfort as I go through this life. So as we embark on this new blog, this new project, I want you to know that what I write is just as much a pep talk to me as it is meant as an encouragement for you. We are all learning, and through this blog I hope and pray that we can join together as girls of grace, as children of God and followers of His word so that we can learn together. Because, you know what, we are going to be learning for the rest of our lives. We are going to make mistakes, we are going to fall but we need to bind together and lift each other up, encourage each other in God’s word and call each other accountable, so that we may serve Him and grow together as godly women.

Roslyn x

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