Finding Contentment


Tears stream down your face; or maybe just in your heart. You are unhappy, upset and feel as though life couldn’t get any worse. You feel down, you feel jealous; nothing seems to take that haunting feeling away. That feeling of discontent.

The reality is, in this day and age we are taught to want, want, want; but we need to be happy with what we have. Sometimes it can be easy to say we are content because we have all the physical objects we need or want. That we have taught ourselves to be happy with the things we have. But contentment goes much further than material goods. All to often we struggle with comparing our lives to that of another person,; a friend, sibling, celebrity. Saying or thinking things like if only I had her personality I would be happy or if only I had a boyfriend like hers I would enjoy life or when I have a job like hers I might be content. We need to remember that God has granted and blessed us with this life and we need to be thankful for the situation he has given us.

We need to remember 2 things; first, each situation has a struggle, there is no person who has a perfect life, which is the reality of living in a sinful world. Second, when we get that situation, that job, that boyfriend, life won’t feel better; we will still feel discontent because we constantly want more. So instead of wanting more, we need to be grateful for what we have and thank God for that everyday; no situation will bring more joy than a relationship with God, so strive for that rather than constantly wanting things we do not have.

There is no fix to this, no technique to try or medicine to take; it still won’t go away. It’s like an addiction, we will constantly struggle and fight for the rest of our lives. But in God’s mercy we can come to Him and ask for help, ask for forgiveness and comfort and strength. And know that in God’s time, He will grant you what He has planned for you, be it the job He designed for you, the boy He set for you to marry, or what ever you hope and dream about. And try to remember, you can want things, pray for things and ask for things, just try not let it consume you, for you will only become more hurt and ungrateful.

Love Roz x

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