Book Review :: How to be a best friend forever


If there is one book you need to read about friendships, this is it.

John Townsend gives sound biblical examples on what makes a good friendship as well as addressing the social issues of today.

It’s easy to read, and I think over one weekend you could devour the whole book!

Townsend talks about why it isn’t good to have ‘one best best friend’, the implications of social media on friendships, telling the truth and how to be honest while still building up and much more.

More from Amazon:

Our world has diluted the meaning of friendship, but the reality is, there’s nothing like the sustaining strength of true-blue, forever friends. Still, many people are convinced that they ll never find such lifelong connections or that they don t need them. In this encouraging audio book, best-selling author and psychologist John Townsend delivers hope and help for making these relationships a reality and for making them even better if you ve already got a bestie. His eight principles for building the very best kind of friendship, along with his shared experiences within his own friendships (including mistakes he’s made), will move every listener to aspire to deeper connections and to stay the course when challenges arise. Townsend’s simple but profound concepts are sure to transform listeners relationships and keep them from missing out on one of life’s greatest and most essential joys: the joy of having a best friend.

You can buy this book from Koorong here.

Buy it for your Kindle here.

Buy it as an audio book here and listen to it on the train! 

There is even a great study guide at the back of the book. Why not get together with a few of your peers and do a study on friendships.

Proverbs 27:

Tash O

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