Hymn 48 :: Our guide to feeling at peace

Hymn 48 2

Have you looked at Hymn 48 lately? Have you sung it? It is truly an eye opening song, with a lot of comfort and grace poured into it. It is such a good reminder to us daily, and I challenge you to pick up your Book of Praise and have a look at it. Take in those words and take it upon yourself to heed the advice given.

I am an anxious person, it is something that I have come to realize and work on constantly to trust more in God. But this hymn, especially verse 2, highlights why we must not be anxious; why we would be far better off if we stop our worrying and instead trust in God. When was the last time you felt more calm when you were anxious? See what I mean, anxiousness is the opposite of calm, so how could it make you feel better to worry? But if we put our worries aside and have faith in Him, God will comfort and calm us for He “will never those disown who put their trust in Him alone.” (Hymn 48:4)

Let go of your worries, and trust God and His plan for you.

Love Roslyn x

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