Social Media Thursday :: Seductive Selfies

Add subtitle textWould you let all the people that follow you on your Instagram, Facebook and other social media forums into your bedroom with you?

When you have a party and that boy is there, would you let him into the bathroom with you?

When you try on a new dress in the change rooms at Myer, would you invite everyone who follows you on SM into that room with you?

Then why do you welcome them in every time you post that selfie?

When you meet a friend on the street, at school or after church do you pucker up the fish lips, poke out the chest and shove a hand on the hip?

Then why do you do it every time you post that selfie?

Those photos cry out :

Look at me! Tell me I’m beautiful. Tell me I’m pretty. Tell me I’m enough.

You are enough without those photos*. They tell such a small part of who you really are and what your destiny will be.

We know that God delights in beauty – but does He delight in His children being seductive?

No. That’s the plain answer, and I’m giving it to you straight.

We must be imitators of Christ. We must swim against the tide of what is popular and socially accepted.

We are called to be holy. Set aside, set apart.

We must hold each other accountable. Don’t like a seductive photo just to stay in the ‘in crowd’. Tell each other when the boundaries are crossed. Delete those selfies that yell out ‘me, me, me’.

Before you post that photo, ask yourself these questions:

Is this honouring God? 

Am I posting this photo to get attention and feedback?

Is this a photo I’d like Mum to hang on the fridge? (yeah, good one hey?)

Am I happy for this photo to be plastered all over the Interweb and beyond? 

More reading here**

Girl Defined – Why Christian Girls post seductive selfies

Set Apart Girl – Imperishable Beauty

*Selfies in themselves are not bad.. and don’t think that you can’t post a selfie! It’s the ones that cross the line and are outright seductive are the ones we should be avoiding.

**External links and I do not endorse or exclaim the virtues and values of these websites. These links however do cover this topic well and so I include them!


Natasha O x

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