Believe :: The good reminder of 1 Peter 3:4



The world we live in places such a big emphasis on beauty as being what we see on the outside; our appearance. What we as God’s children need to remember is that He looks at what’s inside us: our hearts [1 Samuel 16]. This is where true beauty comes from. A previous post on Girls of Grace by Lillian  focused more on this topic so I would like to talk more about the second part of this text.

Paul says that “…a gentle and quiet spirit are pleasing to God” [1 Peter 3:4] Well, I know for myself this can be hard. Having an outgoing and some (most) times boisterous personality, I need this text as a good reminder for myself to remember what is important. It’s not important to be the one who everyone remembers as ‘talkative’ or ‘energetic’, or even as ‘funny’ and ‘exciting’.

a gentle and quiet spirit are pleasing to God.. 1 Peter 3:4

All these things aren’t necessarily bad, but what should be most important is that people remember us as being devoted to God and that they can see this in us. We are temples of His Spirit [1 Corinthians 6:19] and so should reflect this by showing fruits of His Spirit [Galatians 5:22]. As girls, we might often think of ways to ‘get noticed’ by guys. But really, if these guys are worthy and suitable Christian partners, they will be looking for a young lady who is in line with what Paul says here in 1 Peter!

Beauty as the world defines it doesn’t last. The makeup will wear off, the curls will fall out (or the straight hair will turn back to frizz in my case), and the clothes will need to be updated with the changing fashions. But the beauty Paul describes in 1 Peter 3:4 is ‘unfading’. Let’s not forget that!

x Renée

1 thought on “Believe :: The good reminder of 1 Peter 3:4

  1. Kym

    Where I read that text I think “gentle? Yeah maybe but quiet? Uh oh…”. You’re right – there’s nothing wrong with being fun and loud and boisterous as long as you can sometimes balance it out with quiet meditation and listening. I tend to talk too much 🙂 thanks for this post, Renee!



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