Praise and Wonder for an Almighty Father Creator


At our book club we just finished studying “Becoming a Women of the Word” by Karol Ladd – a great book by the way! There were so many text references to look up during the study that I thought it would be a great thing to do in the holidays to go over some as I never managed to cover them all before. The one I started with was to look up Psalm 12, 96, 98, 99, 100 and notice all the times they speak of Worship and God’s Attributes. I have taken to writing out the whole Psalm and marking all the Worship and Attribute references. This helps me remember it better and as I write I find I have good focus to meditate on the words. Today reading Psalm 96 and 98 I had some thoughts to share:

These Psalms (96 & 98) are so full of praise, particularly praise to God who created the heavens and the earth. The Psalmist is bursting with admiration over creation: ‘The seas resound, the rivers clap, the fields are jubilant, the trees will sing, the mountains will sing…’

This really brought my thoughts to how much God’s awesome power and incomprehensible wisdom is displayed in creation. I often marvel at lifecycles, the ocean, the huge trees, the tiniest little creatures and the big blue sky. Just in my own yard I marvel at so much – a tiny seed given some water and soil sprouts into a beautiful healthy plant; the most beautiful birds in every colour coming to eat at the birdfeeder, and each breed takes it’s turn according to who seems to have most authority – it’s so interesting to watch; even the broody chook I have at the moment….she is created to do what she is doing. She will sit on those eggs, starving herself and forsaking all her own needs to protect her eggs. Even her call, her sounds are different than normal because that’s the voice she would use for her chicks. Then there are all the different plants and trees all flowering and blooming in their season. I recently heard that when the wind has finally blown all the flowers of the peppermint trees is when we can expect summer to really begin. And that’s just in my own yard! God has it all designed to work, to fit together, in harmony. It’s all good. He spoke and it was there. A scientist can study all his life to discover just some of the intricacies of creation and God….He spoke and it was.

And He continues to govern and uphold it. The plants, animals, weather patterns, tides, everything works perfectly and according to His Plan. These Psalms, along with many more, words full of praise and wonder go to the One who Created all things. Words of wonder for God who allows the Psalmist to see and enjoy it. It’s such a beautiful reminder for me that my praise and wonder too must go to our Awesome, Creator, God Almighty.

When watching nature shows I’m always in awe of the things I learn from those who have studied and captured close footage for us to see amazing details and facts of nature. I’m very quick to add while watching that it’s so sad they miss the Creator of it all, the One who should receive the Praise and glory – they miss the most beautiful thing. Yet I can see I’m guilty of not always properly acknowledging this either. In my admiration of nature I of course know that my God has all this in His hands but I could do so much more by stopping and truly Praising Him for it. If I take the time to admire and behold the beauty is one thing, but to acknowledge and give Praise to the Creator is so pleasing for Him to hear. He loves to hear the words off my lips expressing my amazement and awe as I sit on the beach in full admiration, or as I collect eggs from the chooks whose bodies are so incredibly created, or as I watch my plants grow so rapidly as they enjoy the water and sunshine, or as I sit outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun. I often think about how I can improve my prayer life in the way of spending more time praising and adoring my God and less time asking for things. After my readings and time in thought today I have just been encouraged and inspired how to do this.

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your Name in all the earth.

Psalm 8:1.

Cathy V

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