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App Review :: She Reads Truth


A few weeks ago a lovely young lady was asking about women’s devotionals on our Facebook group and we had some really great suggestions! One came up called She Reads Truth, an online devotional for women, with devotional plans studying the different books of the bible or different topics.

Today I am not going to touch on the doctrine of the devotions, as I have not had a good enough look through them for that. However what I would like to talk about is their App. Yes, a She Reads Truth App! And it is pretty cool!

This app can be downloaded on your devices, both IOS and Android,

so it can work on any tablet, smart phone or iPod. It is downloadable via the She Reads Truth website or via Google Play or iTunes.

Now, there are a number of reasons I love this app and I hope to list them out for you in the next few paragraphs.

  1. It has the full Bible

The She Reads Truth app has the full bible on the app in its own section so that you can access your bible when you are out and about as well as at home. It has the ESV, NIV and KJV, which are all acceptable versions in our Reformed Churches around the world, as well as a few others. Unfortunately there is no NKJV, however, it can be of great use to compare other translations like the NIV to your printed NKJV.

  1. You can take Notes

Another great element of this app is that it has an area where you can take notes on your devotions. These notes are dated and also allows scripture links so that when you reread them you can quickly access texts you are referring too.

  1. Bookmarking

You can bookmark inspirational texts or text that you want to refer back to in the future. Any text you find striking can be found back at the tap of a screen and your bookmarks can’t fall out like in a print bible. This one is a fabulous point for me; my bookmarks are always getting lost!

  1. Wallpapers

She Reads Truth has a bunch of lovely screen wallpapers to remind you of striking texts every time you look at your phone or tablet. I always love a cute quote picture and I am sure a lot you do too and it is such a great way to dress up our devices rather than having pictures of our latest celebrity crush or movie poster.

  1. Devotional Reminder

My personal favourite! Life gets busy and sometimes we keep putting off devotions until its too late and we are too tired. But with the She Reads Truth app you can set a reminder to spend time with God, and focus on your quiet time with Him. You can set the reminder for any time of the day, so if you want to be reminded to do your devotions you can set aside some time each day and get yourself into a routine.

  1. Devotional Plans

Although I said I wasn’t going to touch on the devotional plans I just wanted to make mention of how they are set out because they are really well planned. Some plans like The Bible In A Year are free, while others are a few dollars to purchase for your ‘bookshelf’. The Bible in a Year plan is a great one as it set you a plan of chapters of the bible to read to get you through the whole book in a year. Others have a passage and then a text and devotion to read which can also be a great as the scripture passage is right there. There is also a marked as read feature so that you can keep track of where you are in the plan.

All in all, I feel that this app is a great way to organize and follow your devotions, even if you are not using the plans they have given. It is a great way to keep track of your thoughts, read your bible on the go and bookmark important passages. It is also great for helping you keep a devotional routine where we can serve God and delve into His word each day.

Love Roslyn x

Modesty for the Modern Girl


I wrote this article back in 2011 as a reply to an article in the Contender. I have finally retrieved it with some help and decided to adapt it for this blog.

As you get older, modesty becomes something you have to address more and more. As your body changed and suddenly you get curves you have to think about how you are going to dress as a young Christian woman. The world tells us from a very young age to wear tight shirts and skirts, shorts that show some cheeks, crop tops that show off your stomach and more. We are told to dress this way so that we are attractive and confident and appealing to the opposite sex. So as girls of grace, how should we be dressing?

As a female, I must admit that when girls are wearing immodest clothing sometimes I have had the attitude of ‘Why don’t guys just look away then?’. But I have come to realise that that’s a bad attitude to have towards the males. Our attitude should be one of love. No, I’m not talking about romantic love here, I’m talking about the Christian love that we should be displaying towards people, and especially the people in our communion of saints. Paul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, wrote that we are not to be a stumbling block to others (I Corinthians 8: 9). In verse 12 he warns “But when you thus sin against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ.” Hear that? When one causes someone else to stumble in their faith causing them to sin, one is sinning along with the person who stumbled. So when you are wearing a short, tight dress and a guy looks at your body appreciatively and in a lustful way you shouldn’t be feeling good about that; you should be feeling guilty, as you are the cause of sinful thoughts. If you do not have that guilty feeling then you are not being a humble servant to your fellow believer.

So, summer will come around again. One summer, I needed new bathers and I’m not at all comfortable wearing bikinis but everywhere I looked there were bikinis. And if there were tankinis they were really low at the front or VERY expensive. Yes, it was very hard trying to find bathers and I was ready to give up. But when I expressed my frustration to one of my guy friends he said that guys really do appreciate it when girls dress modestly, even to the beach. This encouraged me and I was able to find a decent pair of modest bathers. You see, it is hard trying to find modest clothing amongst all the short skirts, low tops and skin tight pants but it is worth it. If you look hard enough, thinking of your guy friends and male believers in brotherly love, you will find clothing that works: that makes you look good but not immodest.

But it’s not just for the guys. It’s for ourselves too. As females, do we really want guys from age 13 to 80 looking at us in lust? Do we really want them to tell us we look hot and sexy? I don’t. I’d rather hear that I look beautiful and I know you do too. Purity is important. It should be part of our walk of life in thankfulness to God. It’s in the 10 commandments! The commandment ‘Do not commit adultery’ includes men looking at women in lust and women dressing so that men can look at them in lust. It’s wrong and it’s unchristian. Lord’s Day 41 states that we are temples of the Holy Spirit and therefore we should keep ourselves pure and holy. God does not smile upon the immodest clothing found in our wardrobes. Instead, He is pleased when we dress thinking of Him and of our fellow brothers in Christ.

Kym x

Social Media Thursday :: Seductive Selfies

Add subtitle textWould you let all the people that follow you on your Instagram, Facebook and other social media forums into your bedroom with you?

When you have a party and that boy is there, would you let him into the bathroom with you?

When you try on a new dress in the change rooms at Myer, would you invite everyone who follows you on SM into that room with you?

Then why do you welcome them in every time you post that selfie?

When you meet a friend on the street, at school or after church do you pucker up the fish lips, poke out the chest and shove a hand on the hip?

Then why do you do it every time you post that selfie?

Those photos cry out :

Look at me! Tell me I’m beautiful. Tell me I’m pretty. Tell me I’m enough.

You are enough without those photos*. They tell such a small part of who you really are and what your destiny will be.

We know that God delights in beauty – but does He delight in His children being seductive?

No. That’s the plain answer, and I’m giving it to you straight.

We must be imitators of Christ. We must swim against the tide of what is popular and socially accepted.

We are called to be holy. Set aside, set apart.

We must hold each other accountable. Don’t like a seductive photo just to stay in the ‘in crowd’. Tell each other when the boundaries are crossed. Delete those selfies that yell out ‘me, me, me’.

Before you post that photo, ask yourself these questions:

Is this honouring God? 

Am I posting this photo to get attention and feedback?

Is this a photo I’d like Mum to hang on the fridge? (yeah, good one hey?)

Am I happy for this photo to be plastered all over the Interweb and beyond? 

More reading here**

Girl Defined – Why Christian Girls post seductive selfies

Set Apart Girl – Imperishable Beauty

*Selfies in themselves are not bad.. and don’t think that you can’t post a selfie! It’s the ones that cross the line and are outright seductive are the ones we should be avoiding.

**External links and I do not endorse or exclaim the virtues and values of these websites. These links however do cover this topic well and so I include them!


Natasha O x

A Moment of Contemplation


Last night as I was driving home, I was suddenly struck how interesting the moon looked. When we glance at the sky all we see is a yellow crescent. But on a clear day, if you really study the moon, you see the full shape of the orb hanging in the sky. You notice that the yellow sliver really is a reflection of an extremely bright light, and it is quite an interesting thought to know that there is a big sphere just floating out there, as if someone threw a ball into the sky and it just paused there. I couldn’t describe by emotion of sudden awe and wonder, you’ll just have to go look tonight and feel it yourself.

But how often do we look at something and really study it? How often do we work to let ourselves be enraptured in the beauty and marvel of God’s creation? There are so many weird and wonderful that we glance as if it was nothing. If a bee falls into water and you look closely, you see hundreds of tiny vibrations in the water from its flapping wings that buzz faster then lightning, have you ever looked that close? If you look at a normal grey rock you can find on your driveway, you’ll notice it has tiny reflective spots like crystal and hues of pink and yellow streaking through it. They look so beautiful up close, but you wouldn’t know if you lonely glanced at your boring grey driveway. Have you ever noticed then when you lay really still and looked down at your chest you can actually see the pump of your heart beat lifting your chest?

There are so many things we miss when we don’t take the time to look for them. Things that were never special before become amazing when you look closely. David knew the value of this, and marveled at God’s creation. Read for yourself Psalm 8 and 19 and notice how he does this. Sometimes it’s a little hard to start doing this, so here is a weekly challenge to help! Study the world, and even record your discoveries, whether by journal, sketching or photography.

Day 1 – Compare your writing to a friend’s. Look at the way you write different letters. For example look at an ‘a’ she has written compared to one you have written! Notice the vast differences in the way you flick a ‘j’ or write a ‘k’. 

Day 2 – When you bite into a fruit or especially eat an orange, notice how the fruit is made of tiny little granules, try to take out one of the granules of an orange or mandarine.

 Day 3 – Look at a phone, TV or computer screen that is on. You can see the thousands of tiny squares that make up the images on them.

 Day 4 – If you have a pet look at its fur (or someone’s hair if you don’t) notice all the different shades and colours, spots and stripes. It’s amazing to see all these different colours coming out of the same place! How does one stripe of colour go down a dog’s nose?

 Day 5 – Go to your mother’s pantry and smell all the different herbs, most of them look very similar but it is interesting to notice the very distinct and different smells. To make it an even greater challenge try to memorise what smells come from the different herbs and spices.

Day 6 – Look into your closet and take a close look at some items of clothing, look at the tiny fibres and how different they are, feel the difference between various materials.

Day 7 – Look at the clouds. Notice the details and the shapes they create, notice how they create shadows in themselves and how the sun reflects of them, also keep a special look out for early morning or late afternoon sun beams splitting through the clouds.

Elaine x

Finding Contentment


Tears stream down your face; or maybe just in your heart. You are unhappy, upset and feel as though life couldn’t get any worse. You feel down, you feel jealous; nothing seems to take that haunting feeling away. That feeling of discontent.

The reality is, in this day and age we are taught to want, want, want; but we need to be happy with what we have. Sometimes it can be easy to say we are content because we have all the physical objects we need or want. That we have taught ourselves to be happy with the things we have. But contentment goes much further than material goods. All to often we struggle with comparing our lives to that of another person,; a friend, sibling, celebrity. Saying or thinking things like if only I had her personality I would be happy or if only I had a boyfriend like hers I would enjoy life or when I have a job like hers I might be content. We need to remember that God has granted and blessed us with this life and we need to be thankful for the situation he has given us.

We need to remember 2 things; first, each situation has a struggle, there is no person who has a perfect life, which is the reality of living in a sinful world. Second, when we get that situation, that job, that boyfriend, life won’t feel better; we will still feel discontent because we constantly want more. So instead of wanting more, we need to be grateful for what we have and thank God for that everyday; no situation will bring more joy than a relationship with God, so strive for that rather than constantly wanting things we do not have.

There is no fix to this, no technique to try or medicine to take; it still won’t go away. It’s like an addiction, we will constantly struggle and fight for the rest of our lives. But in God’s mercy we can come to Him and ask for help, ask for forgiveness and comfort and strength. And know that in God’s time, He will grant you what He has planned for you, be it the job He designed for you, the boy He set for you to marry, or what ever you hope and dream about. And try to remember, you can want things, pray for things and ask for things, just try not let it consume you, for you will only become more hurt and ungrateful.

Love Roz x

Inspire :: What Comes First in your life


I came across this quote recently and it really put things into perspective.

It really made me think about my priorities and what I was placing first in my life. We always manage to find time for our hobbies, hanging out with friends or spending time with family. It’s not that these things aren’t important, but are we viewing them as the most important thing in our lives? Can we spend a whole day without even opening our Bibles because we are too busy, or because we think we have better things to do? Do we want to go to Bible Study or do we come up with excuses to miss it? Too often we let out selfish desires distract us from our time with God. However, if God is the priority in our lives we should want to spend time reading His Word and Praying to Him. This should be the most important part of our day, and our lives. How can we expect God to spend time with us if we aren’t willing to spend time with Him? It may mean establishing some sort of routine so you set out time for devotions, such as waking up 15 minutes earlier so you know you will have time.   We need to take a look at out lives and consider what comes first, is God our first priority or are our selfish desires taking over?

Larissa x