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Craft Morning :: Polymer Clay


Last week Saturday, some Girls of Grace gathered together to learn how to make our own polymer beads. It was a wonderful morning where we could learn, use our different talents, have fellowship together through a devotion and prayer and talk to one another while working our hands. My favourite part of the morning was that it was a random bunch of girls and I had a chance to talk to girls I didn’t really know that well. I also loved seeing all the different ideas that the girls came up with and how everyone has a different take on colours and shape of beads. Whether girls had done it before or if it was the first time, everyone had a good time (as you can see from the photos!). I encourage everyone and anyone to come to our next craft morning!

xx Kym

Make :: DIY Rose Earrings

Rose Earrings

These earrings are so cute and so easy to make. All you need is one trip to spotlight and you will have all the supplies you need to make a cute gift for a friend or for yourself.



Polymer Clay (I bought mine from spotlight)

Craft glue or hot glue gun

Earring backs (I bought mine online but you can also find them at spotlight)

Small piece of thick paper (optional)


Step 1:

Choose a colour to work with and break off a small piece. Make sure it is nice and soft before you start working with it.


Step 2:

Split the piece into two even halves and roll into balls.


Step 3:

Roll each ball into a snake and flatten it so it is quite thin.


Step 4:

Start rolling the clay from one end to the other. As you roll curl out the top edge a bit to get that petal effect. It might take a few tries before you get the perfect rose.


Step 5:

Once you have two roses that look quite similar bake in the oven according to the directions of the packet of clay. (I do mine for 15min at 130°C.)


Step 6:

Once out the oven let it sit for a couple of minutes so the clay is completely hard. Then glue the earring backs on using your hot glue gun or craft glue.


Step 7:

If you are giving the earrings as a gift and you want it to look a bit fancier cut out a piece of card to display the earrings. Punch two tiny holes in the card and slide the earrings in.

Larissa x

Make :: DIY Coloured Pushpins

Image 1

I am all for using things other than for their intended purpose. I like to think of it as being resourcefulness, creative and flexible but maybe it’s just because it feels a bit rebellious, and that feels kind of fun. I am also all for doing things cheaply, and most of the time the proper way of doing things is way too expensive! So today I have a fun, quick and cheap way of making coloured pushpins.

Most fancy pins cost a mint and who can justify a 12 pack of pins for $10? Not me! So instead I have gotten some cheap nail polish and covered the top of my plain pins with some bright and fun colours.

Cheap is the key word here, I probably wouldn’t suggest using your mum or sister’s OPI nail polish, keep it to clearance or cheap nail polish like BYS. It is up to you though, if you are happy to use what is around the house, by all means do, because I will let you in on a bit of a secret, I do that! I have some OPI liquid sands nail polish that works a treat on this, but I also have some great glittery BYS nail polish that works just as well.

For this tutorial I am using Australis polish, so not dirt-cheap but the colours were just wonderful! It is also a lot cheaper than buying enamel/oil based paint and you can use the nail polish for your nails anytime. Nail polish is great for this as it gives a smooth glossy finish and comes with a brush that works perfectly for applying it to the pins.


Image 2

What you will need:

  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Thumbtacks
  • A piece of thick cardboard or balsa wood

Image 3

So first of all, push the pins into the balsa wood or cardboard. Try to keep them straight so that when applying the polish the coating stays evenly on the pin. Also don’t push them all they way into it so that the top is touching the surface of the board, so that if polish drips off it won’t stick the pin to the board.

Image 4

Take the nail polish and spread it generously over the top of the pins, this gives a nice thick and smooth coat and covers all the imperfections of the pins. Because there is a slight ridge on the edge of thumbtacks, the polish doesn’t go over the edge, it just makes a thicker coating.

Image 5

So now is the waiting game. Since the coating is thick it is best to leave for at least 12 hours just to make sure its dry, but the wait is completely worth it and they come out so smooth and so much more pretty than a plain push pin!

Join the fun and have a go at this, it is super quick and easy. Choose the colours to match your workspace or have fun with it and add some glitter into the mix, but seriously jazz up your pinup boards and make being organized a little bit more exciting!


Roslyn x

Make :: DIY Occasion Cards


If you’re into photography then this is the perfect, simple DIY for you! And by ‘into photography’ I don’t just mean professional photography, but that you have a passion for it and take a lot of photos as you go about daily life, whether it’s with your phone, your point-and-shoot or your big girl camera. At the end of this DIY, you will have used your passion to make a beautiful bunch of cards for any occasion that cost you next to nothing!

Here’s the how-to:

Go through your photos and choose some that would suit a greeting card. I chose ones that were of objects, such as flowers, and ones that had people in it but no faces. Import or upload your photo to any photo-editing software or website and add some text to the photo. I use , but any photo-editing software or website will do the job. Get creative with the text! For example, for this birthday card, I did more than just the simple ‘happy birthday’.



Once you’re happy with the outcome and saved your photo, pop them onto a USB and take them to your favourite printing place (BigW or Office Works if you’re in Australia). Print them, take them home and either glue some decorative card onto the back to write on or measure out some plain card twice the size of the photo, glue and fold.



And there you have it! I think that these cards are fantastic because they’re cheap, have a homemade touch, and are pretty. Go ahead, find those photos sitting on your computer or phone that have no apparent purpose and turn them into beautiful cards to give to your loved ones.

Let us know if you have any questions, or if you tried out the DIY in the comments below!

Kym x