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A Moment of Contemplation


Last night as I was driving home, I was suddenly struck how interesting the moon looked. When we glance at the sky all we see is a yellow crescent. But on a clear day, if you really study the moon, you see the full shape of the orb hanging in the sky. You notice that the yellow sliver really is a reflection of an extremely bright light, and it is quite an interesting thought to know that there is a big sphere just floating out there, as if someone threw a ball into the sky and it just paused there. I couldn’t describe by emotion of sudden awe and wonder, you’ll just have to go look tonight and feel it yourself.

But how often do we look at something and really study it? How often do we work to let ourselves be enraptured in the beauty and marvel of God’s creation? There are so many weird and wonderful that we glance as if it was nothing. If a bee falls into water and you look closely, you see hundreds of tiny vibrations in the water from its flapping wings that buzz faster then lightning, have you ever looked that close? If you look at a normal grey rock you can find on your driveway, you’ll notice it has tiny reflective spots like crystal and hues of pink and yellow streaking through it. They look so beautiful up close, but you wouldn’t know if you lonely glanced at your boring grey driveway. Have you ever noticed then when you lay really still and looked down at your chest you can actually see the pump of your heart beat lifting your chest?

There are so many things we miss when we don’t take the time to look for them. Things that were never special before become amazing when you look closely. David knew the value of this, and marveled at God’s creation. Read for yourself Psalm 8 and 19 and notice how he does this. Sometimes it’s a little hard to start doing this, so here is a weekly challenge to help! Study the world, and even record your discoveries, whether by journal, sketching or photography.

Day 1 – Compare your writing to a friend’s. Look at the way you write different letters. For example look at an ‘a’ she has written compared to one you have written! Notice the vast differences in the way you flick a ‘j’ or write a ‘k’. 

Day 2 – When you bite into a fruit or especially eat an orange, notice how the fruit is made of tiny little granules, try to take out one of the granules of an orange or mandarine.

 Day 3 – Look at a phone, TV or computer screen that is on. You can see the thousands of tiny squares that make up the images on them.

 Day 4 – If you have a pet look at its fur (or someone’s hair if you don’t) notice all the different shades and colours, spots and stripes. It’s amazing to see all these different colours coming out of the same place! How does one stripe of colour go down a dog’s nose?

 Day 5 – Go to your mother’s pantry and smell all the different herbs, most of them look very similar but it is interesting to notice the very distinct and different smells. To make it an even greater challenge try to memorise what smells come from the different herbs and spices.

Day 6 – Look into your closet and take a close look at some items of clothing, look at the tiny fibres and how different they are, feel the difference between various materials.

Day 7 – Look at the clouds. Notice the details and the shapes they create, notice how they create shadows in themselves and how the sun reflects of them, also keep a special look out for early morning or late afternoon sun beams splitting through the clouds.

Elaine x