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Social Media Thursday :: Self Control App

Add subtitle textI have a problem with procrastination. There you go, I’ve said it ! Yes, adults have things that they struggle with too, even though because of our age, we should know better.

I spend a lot of time on the computer. My blog, doing graphic design and compiling ebooks for a lady who writes cookbooks, running social media for the family business, as well as just being on the computer or leisure time  – pinterest, answering emails, facebook, the news etcetera, etcetera and etcetera.

There are some days when I need to be focussed and the procrastination could get in the way of a deadline. This is where my friend Mr Self Control App comes in handy.

It’s a Mac based application (you can find other alternatives here) that I have installed on my desktop (it works on laptops as well) that I can use to BLOCK any access to sites that I think might distract me from the task at hand. Ie I can block pinterest, youtube, facebook, ebay 😉

So, you might be thinking, how can this help me?

If you do have a problem with self-control and just NEED to go pin a few pins, or like a few status updates (or obsessively check your fb account every three minutes) while you should be doing some study or homework – this app is for you.

Once you have plugged in the sites that you want to block , you set a timer for the amount of time that you want it blocked for. Click ok and get some work done! (Go ahead and try to change the setting.. I did and it won’t let you! Once you make the decision and click ok, there is no going back!

Titus 1:8  But hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined.

You can go here to get the app. 

Inspire :: What Comes First in your life


I came across this quote recently and it really put things into perspective.

It really made me think about my priorities and what I was placing first in my life. We always manage to find time for our hobbies, hanging out with friends or spending time with family. It’s not that these things aren’t important, but are we viewing them as the most important thing in our lives? Can we spend a whole day without even opening our Bibles because we are too busy, or because we think we have better things to do? Do we want to go to Bible Study or do we come up with excuses to miss it? Too often we let out selfish desires distract us from our time with God. However, if God is the priority in our lives we should want to spend time reading His Word and Praying to Him. This should be the most important part of our day, and our lives. How can we expect God to spend time with us if we aren’t willing to spend time with Him? It may mean establishing some sort of routine so you set out time for devotions, such as waking up 15 minutes earlier so you know you will have time.   We need to take a look at out lives and consider what comes first, is God our first priority or are our selfish desires taking over?

Larissa x

Inspire :: Let’s Talk

We'll Listen

I was recently given the news that my thyroid had finally given up. I have been struggling with this for a few years, years of ups and years of downs, but now we have gotten to the point of having to do something about it. I was at peace with it, almost grateful, as I have gone through years of no answers, of being confused, and having many tears that would flow because results were getting better and I was feeling worse. How often do we have the feeling during times of struggling, where we seem to have no answers, and irrationally we are upset and feel like we can’t talk about it because these feelings seem so unjustified? But I want you to know, it’s okay; feel confused, feel upset and talk about it. Don’t leave it all bottled up. We all go through struggles, we live in a sinful world and are subject to pain and hurt, so whether it is physical, mental or spiritual don’t hesitate to talk. Sometimes all we need along with God’s comfort is a listening ear and a warm embrace to help pick ourselves back up.

So many people struggle daily with anxiety, depression and pain, yet we often don’t even know that they are struggling. We need to stop the silence, we need to speak about our struggles; we are all here for each other, to support each other as the communion of saints. So confide in a friend, be open with your mother, even speak to us, for we are all here to support and encourage you with God’s word as we live in this life that is a constant and painful struggle.

Never forget that our greatest confidant is God, He will always listen, so even when you have no one to talk to, when you feel all alone, know that He is always ready and willing to listen and grant you comfort.

So let’s all join together, talk to each other, listen to each other and pray for each other so that we may lift each other up in Christ. Always listen with an open ear, an unprejudiced heart and a helpful hand, and never forget to remind those who are struggling that God is our only comfort and strength.


Roslyn x